Today, the world is rapidly changing. A few years ago flight was impossible. In fact, people eve laughed at the Wright brothers for even trying to fly but look at the world now. People fly everyday like it’s a normal thing to do. Humans are able to adapt and make new technological developments anytime, anywhere. Now my school, Xavier School,  is requiring all of us to bring Macbooks to school everyday. Many people wonder will it improve our learning or is it a hindrance to our learning.


When I started out in Xavier, I remember that the teachers used to bring a chunk of manila paper and chalk then each class they have to write and explain the lesson on the blackboard over and over again. Now, teachers have their own Macbooks so that presenting the lessons in class became easier and less time consuming. For me, this transition alone is a major improvement because it saves time writing down every single detain in the board to just clicking a button in the keyboard. In my opinion, through the help of the Macbooks the learning of the students don’t have to solely rely on the teacher because the students can also learn through the internet via the different blogs, videos, other media.  It has also made class more exciting because there is a laptop right in front of us  and it makes taking down notes easier and faster compared to writing it down in the notebook. From what I can see, our classroom experience will further change because the school has not yet fully exploited the use of the Macbooks and are learning new features on a different approach to teaching students. Who knows, in the future there might be holograms teaching the lessons or the power point will be 3d.


Technology will keep on advancing as the years pass. It is the duty of us Xaverians to adapt to these changes and find a way to make it advantageous to us. We should also resist the temptations to abuse these innovations and use them to help others.