Last Saturday, I went back to the Sarnelli Center. We taught the children different subjects that they are weak at like math, science and english. We divided the kids amongst ourselves. It was very challenging for me because I had to teach math and science in Filipino. What was even more challenging was that I taught five children of different ages. Three studying math and two studying science. I focused on the kids studying math because I felt that they were having trouble with the multiplication table. I gave them exercises on multiplication. I  had a harder time teaching those who were having a hard time in science because I cannot find the correct words to explain the certain concepts that they were studying. Good thing my group mate was able to explain these terms. From this experience, I learned to appreciate my teachers and their handwork in making lesson plans and keeping the class quiet. I learned that my patience can be stretched to a greater length than I previously thought and that if I try hard enough I can teach people a certain topic even though I am using a language that I am not used to. I always thought that the people in Sarnelli won’t be interested in studying but I was proven wrong. They were even more exited to learn than we were to teach them. I gained an all new respect for the kids that are in the Sarnelli Center.