The third time I went to Sarnelli, I was there to teach the kids again. A week ago, I left them homework to do. Specifically to the ones that are not so good in math. I gave them a set of tables to do (multiplication, addition, division). I was curious whether they would do what I gave them because from experience kids will not want to do homework and give excuses why they could not answer it. To my surprise, they actually answered them! I was surprised because they even answered the more difficult problems like 47 x 52. What really got to me was that they told me that they helped each other answer the problems. The older ones will teach the younger ones how to answer the certain problems. This really motivated me to teach them even more. They later told me that they had an upcoming Midterm test, so we decided to tackle the subjects that they had problems with. I was still tasked to teach math while my other classmates taught english and science. We spent about an hour brushing up on simple concepts so that during the test they would master it. The rest of the time we spent just talking to each other. Through this experience, I learned that despite being poor they are very enthusiastic in learning. I believe they have more enthusiasm tan most of my batch mates. I also learned that to excel in things they work together. This gave me inspiration to work with others and make the best out of everything I do.