This is the final time I would be going to the Sernelli Center. I am both happy and sad about this. I am happy because this would be the last time I would wake up early on a Saturday. I am also sad because I won’t get to see the new friends I gained in the Sernelli Center. We decided to have a day full of fun, games and food. We decided to play dodge ball. I am happy that the kids were the one who came to us and chose their partners. It was a very tiring and fun game because the kids were so hyper and bouncy which made me very tired. After this we just sat down and talked to each other. We did this because we were waiting for the food to arrive. It was then I noticed that there were new kids in the center. They all looked like monks because they all had buzz cuts. I immediately noticed their hostile personality. When they were playing basket ball with the other kids, they were hogging the ball and playing too aggressively. This showed me that there is a big difference with those who just got in the center and those who were there for a long time. Through this experience, I now respect the center because I used to think before that centers were not so helpful and it doesn’t really do anything to change the kids, but because of the new kids I was able to compare the two sets of boys. The kids who were longer in the center were more calm, collected and respectable compared to the new sets of kids. We ate together and left them with a few gifts. We left them school supplies, t-shirts, candy and food. I will not forget this experience for a long them because through this experience I was able to learn about the different personalities of different people, to extend my patience with the kids. I now look at street children differently I now understand a little bit more on what their situation is and not just believe in the stereotype that they are all thieves and robbers.