We had our first SOP last July 14. We went to the Ephepheta Center in Antipolo. It was very tiresome since we had to wake up extra early just so that we could make the designated schedule. We met at Ash Creek at 7:30am and we left towards Antipolo at 7:45. When we got to antilpolo, we got lost again since the map is not accurate at all. It was not even clear! Some of the landmarks that were listed were not really there in real life. We had an extremely difficult time to find the center. We circled around the area for an hour and still we couldn’t find it. Our group felt really discouraged since we had no way to find it. No landmarks and the map given to us was not accurate. Luckily, there were Xavier guards in the area. They told us the direction to the area and we arrived there at 9:30. We were assigned our families then we bonded with each other.


I felt sad and at the same time happy for them. On one hand, I pitied them since their living condition is not really livable. They have a tiny house and have lots of family members. On the other hand, I was happy for them since they havn’t given up. Theyy family goes to populated areas and performs to get money. 


I learned that despite the blind being blind they’re still doing their best to provide for their family. I should also be able to live my life to the fullest and not lose hope in situations that I feel like giving up.


I learned that even being poor they can still have fun and enjoy life. Material things are not important it is the people that you spend time with that matters.


I’m interested in what more this family has to share with me and I will do my best to help them in their current situation.